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Shearing machine (SIECC China)

7 декабря 2016 08:50

SIECC produces an extensive range of shearing machines with different drive models, structures and materials. This largely extends the using range of its shearing machines from less than 1 mm to 60 mm shearing, and makes these machines suitable for shearing a wide variety of materials, like stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, etc.
Advantages of Plate Shearing Machine
SIECC has manufactured shears since 1999 and its shearing machines are now widely installed and used in an extensively range of sheet metal shearing operations across many industries. Years of customer application experience makes SIECC be capable of developing durable and reliable shearing machines with low distortion and high precise.
Large shear frames are machined with no need of repositioning, resulting in parallel and square surfaces. Automatic adjustment of the hold-down pressure on our hydraulic shears helps to firmly secure thick or thin sheets prior to the actual shearing.
Types of Plate Shear
1. QC11K/Y
Capacity: 1 to 50 mm
Length: 1500 to 6000 mm
QC11K: shearing angle and blade gap can be automatically adjusted via CNC for flexible and precise shearing process.
QC11Y: shearing angle and blade gap can be automatically adjusted via NC for flexible and precise shearing process.
2. QC12Y/K
Swing beam shear
Capacity: 1 to 30 mm
Length: 1500 to 6000 mm
Swing beam shearing with optimized shearing parameters is applicable to minor to medium thickness.
QC12K: shearing angle fixed and automatic blade gap adjustment calculated by CNC system.
QC12Y: shearing angle fixed and manual blade gap adjustment according to gap-thickness table.
3. DD Shearing Machine
Mechanical high speed shear
Capacity: 2 to 10 gauge
Length: 1500 to 3000 mm
All-in-one: high speed, accurate, efficient and high performance
1. QC12K/Y is mainly designed for minor to medium thickness plate shearing working. Easy adjustment of blade gap brings high performance in plate shearing process.
2. QC11K/Y’s flexible shearing angle and blade-gap adjustment largely extend the range of working capacity. QC11K/Y is excellent in all-range shearing working, especially for thick heavy duty work.
3. For thin and small to medium plate shearing working, DD shearing machine can finish the working with high speed and good precision. Excellent productivity and high cost-performance make DD shearing machine perfectly suited to light work.

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